Best Rate versus Best Mortgage

Is the best Mortgage always going to have the lowest interest rate? We hope so… that being said, one must consider many critical factors other than the rate. My team’s goal is to highlight the “fine print” of any mortgage offer and educate you, the buyer, in hopes to save the most money over the life of the mortgage. We do this by conducting a thorough pre-approval discussion in advance, ask specific questions that will determine your needs and how we can help match those needs to your new mortgage.

It’s important to note that pre-approved rates are most often not the best rates offered by the Banks and Lenders. We will ALWAYS review your rate once you’ve received an accepted offer and if there’s a better option available that still fits your wants and needs, we will secure it for you.

Here at South Delta Mortgage, we offer the winning combination of great service and competitive rates. We focus on providing sound mortgage advice and focus on maintaining a relationship based on trust and respect so that we can continue to be a reliable resource for you throughout your mortgage life and into the future.

Please give me a call at (604) 561-6716 if you have any questions about this email and need further explanation. I’ve helped countless people make their dream of homeownership a reality, and can’t wait to help you.