Mortgage Options

Purchase Mortgage

Buying a home is a major life investment, and many fear the process. Do not be deterred. With the right mortgage, ownership is designed to earn you money while paying off the principle on your home. Contact Daniel to find a borrowing rate that fits your life and earns you the most equity possible. You are ready.

Refinance Mortgage

There are three main reasons why someone refinances their mortgage:

  1. To withdraw equity from their property for other use
  2. To decrease monthly payments
  3. Obtain a lower interest rate

In a fixed mortgage you will likely face a penalty to pay out an existing loan. Make sure to contact your bank for any information on pay out penalties. If done properly, Daniel can refinance your home to save you thousands of dollars on your mortgage.

Renew Mortgage

Typically, homeowners stay with their current lender until the mortgage term ends because it is convenient. However, making a call to your bank and asking some educated questions on rates could be well worth the effort.

As a Mortgage Broker, Daniel works on securing a better rate than your bank’s best offer by accessing more than twenty different lenders competing for your business. One hour reviewing your situation could save you thousands of dollars in the long run. It’s time well spent.

Get educated on all the options before renewing your mortgage, contact Daniel.

Private/2nd Mortgage

Reasons to obtain a second Mortgage

  1. Reduce monthly debt payments
  2. Have extra cash to spend on other investments
  3. Purchase a new home for up to 100% of its appraisal value
    • Be cautious, high interest rates are charged due to higher risk of defaulting.
  4. Consolidating credit card debts by reducing your rates and payments and converting compound interest into simple interest.
    • Repayment amounts are higher than the initial mortgage. If possible, it’s better to use these funds for larger expenses.

Contact Daniel to understand your options, and secure the best possible second mortgage.

New Immigrants Mortgage

New Canadians represent a large portion of potential home buyers, and there are several mortgage programs available to make Canada’s strong housing market even more attractive. Those new to Canada within the past three years with full-time employment can receive a mortgage with five percent down. Further, immigrants living in Canada for 10 years or more can buy a home with less income verification required, with 25-35 percent down. Make an appointment with Daniel to review what mortgage opportunities are available.

Investment Property Mortgage

Dreaming of owing a revenue property or a vacation home? It’s within reach. Through Daniel’s networks several lenders offer programs to make owning an investment property simple.

Income received through a rental property helps offset the mortgage, making qualifying easier. Usually revenue properties require a large initial investment but if the mortgage is ‘packaged’ in a very specific way approval can be simple. With Daniel’s expertise and resources you can start benefiting from an investment property sooner than you think.

Premium Mortgage

Arranging premium mortgage solutions for $300,000 and higher is Daniel’s specialty. Below are some features accompanying mortgages in the premium range.

Top Lenders

If you increase your payment by 20 percent or make annual lump-sum payments based on 20 percent of your principal, mortgage companies offer portability and discounted rates.

Lifetime Broker Support

There is value in long-term monitoring and having a reliable Broker who can adjust your mortgage to fit your life style, especially one who understands your long-term goals.

Annual Mortgage Reviews

Rates always change and depending on your position, Daniel can help determine renewal options, refinancing or even locking in a rate. Keep informed with an annual mortgage assessment.

Payment Support

Sometimes financial circumstances change for the worse. Daniel’s access to lenders and insurers make sure you stay abreast in times of financial turmoil.

Portability Options and Assistance

If you decide to move, Daniel can keep your existing mortgage without penalty.

First Time Buyers Mortgage

More first-time buyers are working with Mortgage Brokers than ever before. As a young adult Daniel relates to the prospect of purchasing for the first time, and the daunting steps in the process. Using the right Mortgage Broker for your first purchase will keep you educated in the process and could save you thousands of dollars.

Please download this First Time Home Buyers Guide to get started on owning your future home. Have questions? Answers are just an appointment away. Contact Daniel today.